Bullet Proof your Riptide Ulterra

Bullet Proof your Riptide Ulterra

What a Motor

Minn Kota’s Riptide Ulterra saltwater series trolling motor is feature rich.  Boat positioning is automated using GPS and i-Pilot.  Using i-Pilot, anglers can set spot-locks, record paths, and control speed and steering.  Perhaps the most innovative feature of this model offers is its auto deploy and stow and  auto trim features.

If your one of the lucky anglers who own one of these “bad boys” you know how handy it is to deploy and retrieve the motor with the touch of a button.  Heading into skinny water?  No problem, just a couple of flicks of your finger, and the motor trims up and gets out of its own way.  No more having to pull and reset the shaft manually. Once your motor is in the water, Power Trim lets you easily adjust the motor depth for changing conditions using your remote.

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More Things to Go wrong

With added convenience comes complexity.  Minn Kota has added a drive motor to execute its auto deploy, retrieve, and power trim functions.  It also has added a controller board that monitors the position of the motor in order to auto retrieve and deploy the motor accurately.  The number one failure our techs get on this motor is the auto deploy and retrieve motor.  The problem is when the unit is deploying or retrieving, should there be a power failure or interruption, the unit will lose its memory regarding the position of the motor.  Once retrieval or deployment resumes, it can over deploy or retrieve.  This can damage the internal belts that drive the unit thus resulting in down time.

The main cause of power failure is the plug.  Power connections are notorious failure point.  Corrosion, power load, and movement all contribute to a “loose connection” to the power supply.  We recommend using the DC power connector from Battery Tender.  Battery Tender Black Power Connect Trolling Motor D/C Connector is an onboard connector for DC to DC connections. Perfect for battery connections to trolling motors, navigational electronics or any DC accessory. The unique screw and lock device provides a positive connection that avoids vibration and water incursion. It has a strong insertion design with larger connecting points.  Less wobble combined with a greater capacity to handle load spikes, like when the motor skims the bottom, reduce the likelihood of future power disruptions.

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 Exposed Moving Parts

Another important thing to remember is to keep the belt running along the shaft free from anything that can impede its movement.  Dock line, power cords, tackle, and such can get caught up in the belt when operating which can lead to scarring the rubber belt. Thus causing the unit to “foul-up” when operating.  This can also send the unit to the shop for auto drive motor repair.


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