Shimano Stradic CI4+ Spinning Reel


Why We Like It:

"A personal favorite of many on our pro-staff team, it does not get much better than the Shimano CI4+. You can barely feel the reel sitting on your rod, it is so light. However, it has more than enough power in its small package to tame even the angriest of saltwater fish. Just spin the handle and watch it turn- good luck finding anything smoother! These reels don't come cheap, but if properly cared for, can last a lifetime."

Description: Striking good looks, light weight with a solid feel, and an ultra smooth reeling experience combine to win the hearts of anglers around the globe. Incorporating exciting concepts like HAGANE gear, G Free Body, CI4+, X-SHIP, Core Protect, and the totally new Magnumlite Rotor which allows a super light feel when you turn the handle, the new Stradic CI4+ is built to last.

Features: - Magnumlite Rotor is 25% lighter than previous styles
- Superior balance with reduced inertia
- Delivers a light, almost-effortless feel when winding
- G-Free Body design: maximum comfort, minimum fatigue
- Advanced CoreProtect water resistance
- Super-light, strong CI4+ carbon body
- Ultra-hard Hagane® cold forged drive gear
- X-Ship pinion gear support system
- 6 S A-RB shielded stainless steel ball bearings
- Super Stopper II anti-reverse roller bearing
- Advanced AR-C spool design plus Power Roller
- 1-Piece Bail for unimpeded line flow


Size Braid Cap. (yards/lb test) Gear Ratio  Drag (lbs) Weight (oz)
1000 95/10 6.0:1 7 5.6
2500 145/15 6.0:1 20 6.7
3000 140/20 6.0:1 20 6.7
4000 170/30 6.2:1 24 8.1

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