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Gulp! Ripple Mullet - 4"

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Why We Like It:

"While every Gulp! bait successfully puts scent in the water, the Ripple Mullet's unique design puts out those good vibrations. This is a must-have bait in a dark color for fishing dirty water. When the fish cannot see as well at a distance, they are going to lock in on the bubble trail, vibrations, and/or scent that this little soft plastic is putting out there." 

Description: Proven paddle tail swimming action brings in redfish, specks and more! Unique recessed ribbed shape creates more surface area for even greater scent dispersion, fish attracting vibration, and bubble retention. Great for casting and retrieving in stained water.

Gulp! has 400 times more scent dispersion than ordinary plastic bait. The extreme scent dispersion greatly expands the strike zone allowing you to catch more fish! Even more impressive, the natural and biodegradable formula outfishes live bait in head to head field tests.