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Heavy Dine 18MR Sinking Twitchbait

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Why We Like It:

"Finally! MirrOlure has given us a sinking version of its wildly popular 17M MirrOdine. The Heavy Dine can get down to those trout and reds holding off banks and in deeper channels where the traditional MirrOdine will not go. With the same body style and darting action that has made the MirrOdine so deadly, we have loved being able to throw this bite-sized hard bait in our favorite deep holes!"

Description: This heavier version of the MirrOdine ®, casts great, and has a sink rate that is the same as the famous 52M series. Features bright, reflective, luminescent inserts, "fish calling" rattles and natural 3-D eyes to enhance their realism, plus extra strong hooks. With a twitching retrieve, these baits dart from side-to-side, mimicking a wounded baitfish. Trout, Redfish, Snook, Striped Bass and Tarpon find the MirrOdines ® to be irresistible.