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MirrOLip L30-MR Suspending Crankbait

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Why We Like It:

"This new suspending crankbait from MirrOlure combines the timeless features of the 52-series MirrOlure with a lipped bait to impart all kinds of new action. The lip allows these baits to get down 3'-5' and then suspend there once the retrieve is paused, rather than sinking-- that fish is going to have to stare long and hard at your "tasty" offering. The folks at MirrOlure recommend varying your retrieve until you find something that works that day, making sure to keep the rod tip up for shallow water and down for deeper water."

Description: The L30MR is an easy to use suspending crankbait, featuring a realistic swimming action, flash and sonic rattle that gamefish find irresistible.

LENGTH: 3-3/4", WEIGHT: 1/2 OZ. DEPTH: 3’-5'