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Z-Man Trout Eye Finesse Jigheads

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Why We Like It:

"A finesse presentation can sometimes be the difference between getting skunked and catching a limit on cold days where the fish are less active. We have found that many times, in a situation calling for a finesse presentation, less can be more. Rather than bouncing the bait all around, we turn to the do-nothing retrieve, which consists of slowly turning the reel handle, holding the rod dead still and allowing the bait to swim without any shakes, twitches or added action."

Description: Featuring the same design and head shape as the standard Trout Eye Jigheads, the finesse version sports a smaller, yet equally strong, 1/0 Mustad® UltraPoint® hook that matches up perfectly with smaller ElaZtech baits like the Slim SwimZ and StreakZ 3.75. Strong enough to do battle with saltwater gamefish like redfish, seatrout, and snook, the Trout Eye Finesse is a great choice for 'matching the hatch' when smaller forage abounds. For serious smallmouth anglers, the Trout Eye Finesse is ideal for vertical 'Damiki Rig' applications when paired with ElaZtech or conventional plastics.

Features: - Same popular design with oversized 3D eyes
- Built on 1/0 Mustad® UltraPoint® hook to match smaller soft plastics
- Sharp molded keeper barbs hold ElaZtech® and conventional soft plastics securely
- Sized perfectly to pair with highly popular Slim SwimZ™ and StreakZ™ 3.75
- Available in 1/8 and 3/16 ounce weights with red, pearl, glow, and gold eyes