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Avian-X LCD Hen

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Why We Like It:

"Choose one or more of these unique hen poses to get those gobblers hot and bothered on your next turkey hunt. Avian-X has made sure to tailor each pose to certain turkey hunting situations, ensuring you will be able to find the right hen decoy for your next hunt. We just ask that you are careful with these highly-realistic decoys, as we have hard reports of terrified pets when these decoys are left out in the house."

Description: The LCD Lookout Hen has a similar look and effect as the popular Breeder Hen, but she's got a little something extra. The Lookout's raised height aids visibility so passing gobblers can spot her even in tall grass and dense vegetation.

The LCD Feeder Hen draws gobblers in close to set up the perfect kill shot. Typically, a hen will notice a gobbler's advances and approach, signaling she's ready to breed. So if a longbeard's gobbles go ignored, he'll assume she didn't hear or see him – and he'll move closer to make sure she does.

The LCD Breeder Hen plays up gobbler's top priority every spring: finding a mate. This lady is the ultimate temptation, displaying she's ready to breed. High-quality feather detail and intricate paint schemes complement this inviting pose to bring the gobblers to the hen house.

Features: - Storage Compression Strap
- Carry Bag
- Collapsible Carbon Stake
- Non-Chip Paint
- Lifelike Collapsible Decoy (LCD)
- 15% smaller than a real turkey
- Includes pre-attached beard
- PVC dura-rubber quiets movements
- Realistic movement without unnatural spin