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Billy Bay Flounder Fanatic Jig

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Why We Like It: 

"Hooking a flounder on live bait can sometimes feel like a herculean task, even for the experienced angler. We don't have the numbers to prove that these jig heads increase our flounder hookups, but they certainly seem like they work. The horizontal orientation of the hook looks runs counter to the traditional vertical orientation, and aligns itself with the mouth of a flounder lying there on the bottom. Plus, they will still handle all the drum, trout, etc. your heart desires."

Description: Tired of missing flounder bites? Counting to "5" is only so effective when the flounder is eating your bait at an odd angle as it lies flat on the bottom. Billy Bay's jigs fix this problem, specifically designed to fit in the flounder's mouth. Hookups with these jigs are instant and can be used with any type of bait, from artificials to live bait to cut bait.

Features: - Weedless hook
- Rubber live bait keeper is enclosed to keep live bait on hook.
- Excellent for drifting, casting, slow trolling, and cast and retrieve.
- How To Instructions on Package