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BOOYAH Buzz Blade Buzzbait

Original price $5.29
Current price $3.99

Why We Like It:

"Buzzbaits can provide some of the coolest strikes in bass fishing. They create a racket on the water's surface to drive bass crazy and elicit big strikes. These buzzbaits from BOOYAH include a clacker that spanks the blade as it rotates, making a noisy bait that much noisier, which we love. It will be tough for any bass to ignore one of these baits. We have even had success throwing these in the middle of the day."

Description: The BOOYAH Buzz is made with premium hard-coat paint, extra large 3D red eyes and flared red gills that illicit vicious strikes. The BOOYAH Buzz Bait planes quickly and runs true out of the package, but it’s the clacker and streamlined design that makes this the top buzzbait in the industry. The 55-strand Bio-Flex silicone skirt and a 5/0 Ultra Point hook seal the deal.

Features: - Constructed with premium hooks and quality components
- "Clacker" blade provides additional fish attracting vibration
- 1/4 oz, Painted and Aluminum, 4/0 Mustad
- 3/8 oz, Painted and Aluminum, 4/0 Mustad