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Fathom Rat Tail Jerk Bait - 4"


Why We Like It: 

"It looks like this worm belongs in a pond at first glance. However, we have been amazed with this jerk baits ability to get bites from spooky fish. Soaking the bait in pro-cure certainly doesn't hurt when attempting to elicit bites, but we love that slow sweeping motion from the tail in the winter time."

Description: The unique rat tail shape can be effectively fished around shallow thick cover as well as open water. The cone shape tail creates an erratic curve ball style kicking motion that imitates an escaping/wounded bait fish; this combined with the quick darting motion, elicits aggressive reaction style strikes from predators. Infused with 100% real baitfish scent and flavor, along with powerful amino acids. Scent infused baits allow for long bites that lead to increased and better hook ups.

Designed and tested right here in Wilmington, NC!