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Fathom Taddle Tail Shad - 3.5"


Why We Like It: 

"This shad imitation looks a lot like a salamander with its exaggerated pec fins, but saltwater fish don't seem to mind. If you look at any minnow in the water, you will see its pec fins going crazy, which is exactly what this bait aims to imitate. Fish it like any other paddle tail and watch those fins go to work."

Description: The all new Taddle tail shad is a hard kicking ultra-realistic bait that triggers aggressive strikes from even the wariest of predators. Features include our proprietary tail design that grabs water to create a strong side to side thump and realistic pectoral fin motion imitates the suspended and swimming action of live bait. Even body weight distribution allows for a perfect retrieve at all speeds. Infused with 100% real baitfish scent and flavor, along with powerful amino acids. Scent infused baits allow for long bites that lead to increased and better hook ups.

Designed and tested right here in Wilmington, NC!