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Quaker Boy A' Banshee Box Call


Why We Like It:

"You never really know when you are going to come in contact with water when turkey hunting, but you need to be ready. This box call is not going to quit on you after that quick spring shower. It's going to cover all the bases, offering loud tones for reaching out to those turkey and soft tones for coaxing them right in. All you need is one free hand!"

Description: The A’ Banshee Box Call is a single sided box call crafted with a walnut box and curved cherry lid. The crucial call contact points are coated with a proprietary waterproof solution. This call will work soaking wet or dry without losing sound quality. The patented curved lid design compliments the Rapid Fire band system making cutting calls a snap.

Features: - Waterproof
- Black Walnut Bottom
- Curved Cherry Lid
- Industrial Rubber Bands