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Quaker Boy X-Pot Pot Call


Why We Like It:

"Why make calling harder than it needs to be? The surface of this calls helps you to make that perfect hen yelp every time. High and clear on the outside edges of the pot, raspier and deeper in the center- it produces a nice, high-low kee-yuk."

Description: The X-Pot gives you perfect yelps every time. A “Diamond Dusted” center, teamed with traceable operation marks leads you to the proper surface area to use. By crossing from the smooth, anodized aluminum section into the “Diamond Dusted” center, the X-Pot will automatically change from high to low note needed to produce a perfect hen yelp. Start at the top of the “X” and trace it to the center. A perfect yelp will result every time.

Features: - Anodized Aluminum
– Diamond Dusted
– Ash Striker
– Cleaning Pad