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Tsunami Forged Lever Drag Conventional Reel

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Why We Like It:

"Packing loads of features usually reserved for high-priced reels, the Tsunami Forged is one of our favorite new reels out there. People love the stopping power and light weight of the 10LD when wrestling fish out of docks inshore, while the 12LD has really caught on with the big game hunters offshore.One of our favorite features is the FREE setting of the drag, which completely disengages the “floating” spool, delivering extreme free-spool and allowing maximum castability."

Description: The Tsunami Forged Lever Drag Reel is built with the strength needed to land big fish thanks to its unique power forged frames and side plates. These reels are precision machined for braided line tolerances and sized perfectly for braided line from 20- to 60-lb. test. Instant anti-reverse bearing plus two back-up dogs insure solid hooksets. Hardened high-precision stainless steel drive gear and smooth, powerful carbon fiber drag.

Features: - Compact, High Speed, Castable Lever Drag, with High Capacity
- 5.2:1 ratio for fast but powerful retrieve
- 6+1 Shielded Bearing System
- One-Piece Power Forged and Machined Aluminum Spool
- Topless design
- Oversized Carbon Drag Washers for smooth drag at high pressure
- Silent Instant Anti-Reverse with Twin-Pawl backup
- Precision Machined for braided line tolerances


Size Mono Cap. (yards/lb test)  Gear Ratio Drag (lbs) Weight (oz)
10LD 200/20 5.2:1 20 16.0
12LD 270/30 5.2:1 30 18.0

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