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Tsunami Guard Spinning Reel

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Why We Like It:

"Looking for an inexpensive reel that won't break down on you after one season? These reels, along with the more expensive Shield, have really surprised us with their top-notch performance. The Guard is designed with some of the same tech that makes the Shield so impervious to saltwater, and while it does not have the lock-down stopping power of the Shield, it certainly gets the job done."

Description: If you're familiar with the Tsunami Shield then meet his more affordable brother, the Tsunami Guard. Offered in sizes ranging from 2000 to 8000 the Tsunami Guard offers a size and performance for all situations. Just like the Shield, the Tsunami Guard features 13 internal seals on all models to protect key components from saltwater intrusion when dunked or sprayed on. More unique to the guard is an aluminum body and side plates which house a 4-bearing drive system making for smooth operation, while an all graphite rotor, aluminum bail wire and a braid ready machined aluminum spool come together to make for a light weight package.


Size Braid Cap. (yds/lb test) Gear Ratio  Drag (lbs) Weight (oz.)
2000 180/10 5.1:1 8 9.6
3000 150/15 5.1:1 15 9.9
4000 200/20 5.1:1 15 10.4
5000 300/40 4.9:1 20 16.3
6000 350/40 4.9:1 20 16.6
8000 300/65 4.9:1 25 17.5

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