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Tsunami Talkin' Popper - 5"

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Why We Like It:

 "Prepare to have fish come flying out of the water to attack these topwater poppers as they chug along the surface. Thankfully, the heavy duty construction of these baits allow them to survive hundreds of these violent strikes from the toothiest of critters. It is flat out deadly on those spring chopper blues that roll through our area. Just cast one of these out in the surf or around busting fish/bait balls and give the rod tip a sharp jerk to make this bait really pop. The biggest bluefish of the year will be caught on poppers like these, but don't be afraid to keep it in the tackle box for reds in the summer!"

Description: The floating, top water, Tsunami Talkin' Popper Lures delivers popping, skittering, splashing action to draw reactionary strikes from predators. Large weight transfer balls provide longer tumble-free casts and loud, fish attracting rattles. Tough, colorful finishes with 3D life-like eyes imitate prey species. Extra sharp VMC Cut Point treble hooks enable faster hook-sets. Heavy duty stainless steel split rings and rattles are part of the superior construction, guaranteeing more dynamic fishing.

*No feather on rear hook

Features: - 5": 1-3/8oz
- 3-D eyes and holographic finish
- 4x VMC Treble Hook
- Heavy duty split rings and rattle

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