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Z-Man Scented CrabZ

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Why We Like It:

"This is the bait for you if you want to get some scent in the water without having the smell of Gulp! juice singed into your nostrils for the rest of the day. The porous material in these baits allows them to hold pro-cure scent much better than the average soft plastic. It's simply an added bonus that this material can withstand so many strikes from the bluefish, pinfish, and lizardfish that so often claim our scented soft plastics with one single chomp.

The crab works best for sight fishing picky red drum on the flats. Just allow the reds time to make their way over to the crab and eat it- don't move the bait too much."

Description: A lifelike crab imitator that mimics one of the ocean's most sought-after forage, Scented CrabZ land upright on the bottom every time in a claws-up, natural defensive posture when rigged on a weighted hook or jighead thanks to the naturally buoyant ElaZtech® material. The perfect siver dollar size of this bait makes it ideal for tossing at redfish, permit, tarpon and black drum, and the scent impregnation draws in gamefish from a distance and provokes vicious takes. Unlike many other crab baits on the market, the Scented CrabZ is designed to be rigged sideways so it can be crawled along the bottom or worked through the water column in a lifelike manner.

Features: - 10X Tough ElaZtech construction for extreme durability
- Lifelike crab body with hook slot for weedless rigging and solid hooksets
- Impregnated with 100% natural Pro-Cure Super Gel
- Rig sideways on a jighead or weighted hook for a natural presentation
- Shell is 3" wide
- 5 baits per pack
- Made in the USA