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Product Review: Tsunami Shield Spinning Reel

Background: With up to 13 internal seals designed to shield critical components from saltwater intrusion, the Tsunami Shield was built to take a beating. Additionally, the hybrid machined aluminum body, combined with a smooth carbon fiber drag system and 5 sealed stainless steel bearings provides superior protection and precision. 

Why I Fish It: Fishing along the NC coast, good luck keeping your gear out of the saltwater. Reels have to be built to withstand the intrusive salt and sand that is known to wreak havoc upon lesser reels. And while there are a number of reels that can survive these conditions, none go to the lengths that the Tsunami Shield does to ensure total protection from the elements. 

If I am in a situation, like fishing with children or surf fishing, where I know there is a good chance my reel is going to be fully submerged in water or lying on the sand at some point, I want as much protecting my reel as possible. It doesn't get any more protected than the Tsunami Shield; in fact, you need a special tool that comes with the reel just to get into the guts. It may not be the lightest or smoothest reel you have ever fished, but at $99.99 good luck finding another reel that can take the beating it can while maintaining top performance. 

I was sold on the reel after this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brCB5ZBy91k

How I Fish It: This is my absolute go-to surf fishing reel. I like to pair the 5000 or 6000 size reel and 30lb braid with a 10ft Tsunami Trophy Series surf rod. I can go swimming with this combo and still know that I am going to be able to crank in that trophy striper or bull red.

Inshore, I love having a couple of these reels in the 3000 or 4000 size spooled with 12lb braid. When friends need to borrow a combo, I no longer have to worry about them inevitably dropping it in the water or laying it down in the sand/mud.

Features: - 10-13 internal seals for water resistant protection
- Aluminum body
- Machined aluminum spool, rotor, side plate cover, and handle arm
- 5 sealed stainless steel bearing system
- Braid ready spool
- Carbon fiber drag system

Check Them Out Here!

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