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TroutTrick® Jerk ShrimpZ™


Why We Like It:

"Sometimes you just see a new soft plastic design and you have to try it- that's how many of us here felt upon seeing the new JerkShrimpZ. Designed to look like a fleeing shrimp that moves backwards with sharp flicks of the tail, we like to combine this bait with the Fathom jig tail. Give the rod tip a few sharp pops before allowing the bait to settle back on the bottom and kick its antennae up into the water column."

Description: While shrimp typically swim forward in a slow motion, they move backwards quickly in sharp, short bursts when frightened or chased--and nothing gets inshore gamefish fired up like the sight of fleeing shrimp! When rigged on a jighead, the TroutTrick JerkShrimpZ is designed to be fished with sharp, short jerks of the rod and allowed to settle to the bottom on a semi-slack line to mimic this frantic fleeing motion. This bait is also ideally suited for rigging on the EZ KeeperZ Weighted Hooks or similar swimbait hooks for shallow flats, where the naturally buoyancy of the ElaZtech material allows it to float off the bottom at a perfectly natural angle to trigger strikes from redfish, seatrout, and flounder alike!

Features: - Tail-first design mimics backwards swimming action of frantic, fleeing shrimp
- Tucked-under tail and flat belly creates natural gliding action on the fall
- Thin appendages and twin paddletail antennae produce lively action when twitched and hopped
- Pairs perfectly with Trout Eye™, Weedless Eye™, HeadlockZ™, and EZ KeeperZ™ jigheads and hooks
- Ideal for targeting not just seatrout, but also redfish, snook, flounder, small tarpon and more both on the flats and in deeper water


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