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Fathom Pro-Select Belly Blade Jig Head


Why We Like It: 

"You may not need a tackle box full of these jig heads, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have one on hand when the water clarity leaves a bit to be desired. Sometimes it takes more than scent to get those fish locked in on your lure, which is why we like the subtle flash provided by the bottom blade. Plus, you still get to use your favorite soft plastic with this jig!"

Description: Fathom takes a page right out of the book on bass fishing with these new jig heads, featuring a bottom blade sure to spice up your presentation. We don't always get to fish crystal clear water, and a little flash from a blade can make all the difference. The Pro-Select Belly Blade Jig Head is anchored by the durable-high-performing Pro-Select Jig Heads, adding a sleek, shiny blade at the bottom to ensure that those fish can't simply ignore your bait. Designed with components capable of landing tough inshore species, you can still fish these jig heads for bass.

Designed and tested right here in Wilmington, NC.

Features: - Stainless ball bearing swivel and components                                          - Mustad Ultra-Point Black Nickel Hooks                                                                  - The belly blade jig heads are sold individually and come in single packs. Also, due to the weight of the blade attachment wire and the solid fill chin, belly blade jig heads appear almost a full size smaller than the same weight Pro-select non bladed heads