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Gulp! Jerk Shad - 5"


Why We Like It:

"One of the most versatile soft plastic baits you can throw in saltwater. We love to rig these with a weighted weedless hook when fishing for trout over grass beds. However, they are just as effective when placed on a 1/8oz-3/8oz jig head and bounced around the bottom for just about anything that swims in the Atlantic. The lighter colors have become one of our favorite baits out there for getting picky surf reds to eat over a light sandy bottom!"

Description: Berkley's® Gulp!® Saltwater Jerk Shads are the spittin' image of the favorite snack of most every inshore species. Their erratic, darting "quick glide" motion imitates struggling baitfish to entice strikes while their split tail design makes them ideal for casting or jigging.

Gulp! has 400 times more scent dispersion than ordinary plastic bait. The extreme scent dispersion greatly expands the strike zone allowing you to catch more fish! Even more impressive, the natural and biodegradable formula outfishes live bait in head to head field tests.