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MirrOlure 52M Sinking Twitchbait


Why We Like It:

"It does not get much more classic than the MirrOlure 52M; there's a good chance that this lure has caught more seatrout than any other single lure out there. They can be fished in a wide variety of situations, from night fishing a rocky jetty to trolling them through creeks with minimal action. Two of our favorite techniques take advantage of the sink rate of the lure to get down deep for those trout hanging at the bottom. The first involves making casts out into a swift current and allowing it to sweep the bait down without reeling it back in until the drift is over (feel free to pop the rod tip some). The second is a simple trolling setup that allows you to cover as much water as possible when you don't know exactly where fish are holding (we like trolling with the current, but sometimes bites will only come when going against the current)."

Description: These legends have been producing trophy fish for decades. Their life-like appearance, "built-in" flash and 3-D fiery red eyes are irresistible to all game fish. The 51MR, 52M and 52MR sink at a rate of one foot per second.

 Length: 3-5/8", Weight: 1/2 Oz. Depth: 3-8'+

* TT denotes Tiny Trout series w/ spotted back