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Paul Brown's Soft-Dine Suspending Twitchbait


Why We Like It:

"All the benefits of a traditional hard bait lure with a soft exterior. Not only do we find that the softer exterior is more likely to get another strike if the fish misses, but its wire harness weighting system gives it a unique suspending action in the water. Some will say its the eyes, some will say its the soft body, others will say its the suspending action- all we know is that this lure catches fish."

Description: Soft-Dine is Paul’s new design that features a tapered body with a shad-like profile. Like Paul Brown’s other proven lures, Soft-Dine is designed for fishing the shallows and catching trophy size Trout and Redfish. Soft-Dine™ features a built-in reflective foil insert for added realism and special sonic rattling chamber for more vibration and noise. Casts like a bullet. 

Regular: Length: 2-5/8", WEIGHT: 3/8oz

XL: Length: 3-1/4", WEIGHT: 5/8oz