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Rapala Skitter Walk


Why We Like It:

"This is about as classic as a topwater gets, designed to give you that perfect "walk-the-dog" action. We have probably caught more reds and trout over the years on these topwaters than any other. With so many different color combinations available, there's almost always bound to be one that fits the conditions you will be fishing."

Description: Superior construction assures a perfect swimming bait right-out-of-the-box. Toss it out. Pump. Reel. Pump. Reel. You're "Walking-the-Dog." Weighted tail keeps bait in natural position even at rest. Large internal rattles create a rhythmic side-to-side motion-and-sound combination that imitates wounded or fleeing baitfish. All feature 3D holographic eyes and you can choose from appetizing painted or chrome color patterns. All are equipped with VMC® black nickel hooks.

SW-08: Length 3-1/8", Weight 7/16oz

SW-11: Length 4-3/8", Weight 5/8oz


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