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Rapala X-Rap XR-10


Why We Like It:

"One of the top trout lures you will find for around here. There are at least a few 7+lb trout caught on the XR-8 or XR-10 each season. We like to take advantage of the baits ability to suddenly suspend in the water by giving it a few sharp pops before letting the lure settle for a second and reeling in the slack... Bet most of those bites for you will come when the lure is just sitting there suspended."

Description: The X-Rap® is "all about the action." The versatility of the X-Rap allows an angler to impart a number of fish-catching actions in a single retrieve. Casts like a bullet for long accurate casts. Prominent scales and lateral line on the fuselage capture and flash light like a beacon. It can be fished both in an aggressive "Slashbait®" technique or with a classic Rapala® wobble. The angler defines the cadence for maximum effectiveness. Loaded with features from tip to tail, textured translucent body, internal holographic foil, internal long cast system (XR04 excluded), 3D holographic eyes, flash foil teaser tails, Slashbait® action, Rapala “wobble” action, suspends on pause. All topped off with premium VMC® black nickel hooks, each hand-tuned and tank-tested to ensure top performing action from the start.

Body Length: 4"

Running Depth: 4'-6'

Weight: 7/16oz


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