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Redfish Eye™ Jigheads



Designed around the knowledge that gamefish target the eyes of baitfish, these jigheads sport the largest eye of any jighead in their class. Built on heavy-duty 4/0 Mustad® UltraPoint® hooks, the 30 degree neck bend of the hook places the hook eye at the front of the jighead, reducing snagging and fouling on shallow grass and oyster laden flats that redfish inhabit. Twin molded conical keeper barbs are easy to rig and hold both ElaZtech® and traditional soft baits securely.  Redfish Eye™ jigheads are sized to pair perfectly with a variety of 4" and 5" soft plastics, including Scented PaddlerZ™, Scented Jerk ShadZ™, StreakZ™, DieZel MinnowZ™, and SwimmerZ™ and are available in five different weights from 1/8 to 1/2 oz to suit virtually every inshore scenario from plying shallow flats to working deep channels, passes, or jetties. (3-Pack of Jigheads)