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TRD SpinZ™

Blade Type


Add a little bit of flash to your favorite ElaZtech® softbaits with the TRD SpinZ™ tail spinners. Featuring a stainless centering pin, the TRD SpinZ™ can be easily inserted into the 10X Tough ElaZtech material and locks securely in place thanks to the molded plastic dual-prong keeper. Adding the TRD SpinZ™ to the back of a standard Finesse TRD™ Ned Rig creates a unique finesse rig that can be cast and retrieved, making an excellent search bait for a variety of species. Many pros will also utilize the TRD SpinZ to dress up Texas-rigged ZinkerZ™ or to add to the bottom of ElaZtech® swimbaits like the DieZel MinnowZ™ to instantly create a unique underspin style presentation.