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Tsunami Evict Spinning Reels


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Description: Tsunami Evict Spinning Reels are the new go-to fishing spinning reel! Tsunami Tackle has outfitted these reels with a stainless steel main gear, stainless steel pinion, and a sealed stainless steel main shaft. Pair this with a CF3 carbon fiber drag system, and you can use the Evict like a winch to get those big fish off the bottom. The Evict features an aluminum body, graphite rotor, aluminum braid ready spool, and a great aluminum ball handle. There is an EVA paddle knob included in the box on the smaller models if you want to swap it out. Aside from all the stainless steel components, the Evict has eight sealed stainless steel ball bearings making the reel smooth and increasing corrosion resistance. When you put all of these things together, there is not another spinning reel on the market that does what this one can in the price range. From topwater fishing to live bait fishing, the Evict casts great and keeps performing day after day. If you want a spinning reel with upgraded internals but don't want to break the bank, add a Tsunami Evict Spinning Reel to your arsenal!

 Size Braid Cap. (yds/lb test) Gear Ratio Drag (lbs) Weight (oz)
2000 150/15 5.8:1 15 10.8
3000 220/15 5.8:1 20 11.5
4000 260/20 5.8:1 20 12.2


Features: - Aluminum body 
- Fully machined aluminum spool w/ braid ready spool band
- Graphite rotor w/ aluminum bailwire
- Stainless steel drive and pinion gear
- Stainless steel sealed main shaft
- 7 sealed bearings plus 1 anti-reverse bearing
EVA paddle knob included in box (2000-4000)
- Machined aluminum handle arm and power knob

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