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EZ ShrimpZ™ Unrigged


Why We Like It:

"This is a new shrimp body from Z-Man that utilizes a segmented tail to mimic the pop of a shrimp's tail. When you pop the rod tip to give the bait life, that tail is going to bend just like the real thing. What makes it even better is the slim profile, allowing you to cast it long distances."

Description: Possessing the same deadly good looks and fish-catching prowess of its rigged brethren, the EZ ShrimpZ can serve as replacement bodies for the rigged version, or be paired separately with a jighead or weedless hook. Pairing perfectly with Z-Man's Trout Eye™, 3/0 HeadlockZ™ HD, Power Finesse ShroomZ™, or 3/0 EZ KeeperZ™, they can be made even more attractive by adding Pro-Cure Super Gel scent or rattles to their body cavities.

Features: - Ultra-realistic 3.5" shrimp imitation
- Segmented body for lifelike action and movement
- Thin, short appendages for lifelike quivering movement and improved wind resistance and castability versus other shrimp imitations
- Buoyant ElaZtech® construction allows for a controlled sink rate and causes bait to stand up off bottom at rest in a natural position
- Try rigging on a Trout Eye™ jighead or 3/0 EZ KeeperZ™ weighted hook
- 4 10X Tough shrimp baits per pack
- Made in the USA