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Swimmin' TroutTrick®


Why We Like It:

"This new take on the wildly popular TroutTrick gives the bait some added wiggle in the tail. Thanks to the light elaztech material, the tail flutters at high speeds with each pop of the bait. We have successfully duped large trout, reds, flounder, and stripers with a single "fried chicken" version of this bait and love its overall versatility. You can even smother it in pro-cure to spice up the bite a little more, as the ribbed body does an excellent job of holding all of that goop in."

Description: Mating the signature ribbed body of the TroutTrick® with Z-Man's exclusive curved paddle tail creates a unique bait with lifelike swimming action that attracts bites from not just seatrout, but a variety of fresh-and saltwater gamefish including redfish, flounder, snook, small tarpon, stripers, bass, and more! Paired with a Trout Eye™ jighead, the Swimmin' TroutTrick is fast becoming a go-to bait for inshore anglers across the Southeast and Gulf coasts.

Features: - Hallmark TroutTrick® ribbed body and exclusive curved paddle tail produces vibrant, undulating swimming action
- Designed for seatrout, but versatile 3.5" profile and lifelike movement makes it an ideal choice for bass, redfish, flounder, snook, stripers, and more
- Sized perfectly for the Trout Eye™ jigheads, creating the perfect pairing for specks and other inshore species
- 6 10X Tough ElaZtech baits per pack
- Made in the USA