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Zoom Lizard - 6"


Why We Like It:

"The Zoom Lizard is about as classic as it gets when it comes to bass fishing. These creature baits can drive bass crazy, especially once the spawn kicks off. A weightless or light-weight Texas rigged lizard will flat out piss a bedding bass off, leading to some of the most violent eats you will ever experience. If you want to mix it up a bit, don't be afraid to throw a lizard on a shaky head and watch the bass go crazy. We typically avoid the lizard in the colder months, but fish it just about every time we head out in the spring and summer."

Description: The best-selling lizard of all time attained that status for good reason. The six-inch size will catch the biggest fish in your lake, but it’s also a limit-getter, perfect for just about every situation and every rig that you use for soft plastics. This lure may have caught more fish than any other in existence. Don’t leave home without them.

Features: - 9 baits per pack
- Slender bodied lizard with free-moving legs and curly tail
- Salt-Impregnated
- The most versatile soft plastic in your boat, from ultra-shallow to super-deep