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Blabber Mouth Popping Cork


Why We Like It

"This is the cork that everyone up in the Pamlico is using for those massive bull reds. That right there should be enough to convince most of you to keep at least one in the tackle box! These blabber mouth corks flat out cause a racket in the water, firing up predators that may not realize they're hungry until you go ringing that dinner bell right in their ears! We're convinced that there isn't another popping cork out there that will make more noise than this one."

Description: The Blabber Mouth is a rattling, popping cork lure, designed to have a high and low pitch rattle to attract any type of fish. Like all Fish Grip products, the Blabber Mouth is manufactured in our U.S. facility to the highest quality standards. Its unique shape creates noises fish can’t resist! And the Blabber Mouth’s
bright colors ensure you’ll never lose sight of it.