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Blue Water Candy Double Shot


Why We Like It:

"Rigging up for Spanish mackerel can be a major pain, especially when taking a boat full of people. Blue Water Candy takes care of everything for you with this rig. Even better, the top jig is weighted enough to serve as a trolling weight, so it is ready to go for trolling and casting right out of the package."

Description: A new concept in small jigs that can be used casting or trolling. Features a skirted sparkle jig with a silver octopus skirt ahead of it. Rigged on 30# mono with a short shot of 30# wire attaching the octopus skirt to the mono to decrease cut offs from “toothy” critters. Gold hooks add to it’s appeal. Mimics small bait fish that are irresistible to Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Bonita, Pompano, and more. Works great from pier, shore, or boat. Weighs 1oz. Overall length 24”.